A Murabahat discovery, 254one, is being utilized by Murabahat for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). With the 254one system, you can have all of the rooms you’ve always wanted but had no space for in your room, such as; a music room, play station room, or private cinema while allowing you to escape their costs the moment you no longer want them.


One of the most important features of 254one concept, which is completely different from the typical recreational facilities or areas which we are accustomed to and which offer a fully personalized space, is its use-pay system. Namely, an unused space in an apartment is not charged with a separate price and is not added to apartment service charges.


Individual PassCards are used to access 254one suites and, using the use-pay system, residents may use their areas as they would their own private space.


254one is specially designed in every case after an analysis of the needs and expectations of the target users.


The architectural approach of the 254one system allows the features of a range of different suites which could not fit in normal home or even typical recreational facilities.


Private Guest House
A special guest room for those who have guests but no extra rooms.
Private Business Room
A work room for those bringing work home or trying to complete work at home.
Private Cinema
A 20-person private cinema with a special sound and vision system.
Private Music Room
A room where you can comfortably explore your passion for music. For private lessons there are a permanent piano and drum-sets in a sound-proofed music-space.
Private PlayStation Room
An indispensable room for PlayStation fans.
Private Fitness Room
A room you can use when you can’t go to the gym or when you want to take private lessons.
Private Studio
A personal development studio for those who wish to develop and renew themselves.
Private Art Room
An art workshop for those wishing to relax through art or let out their inner artist.
Private Basketball Court
A closed basketball court for basketball aficionados.
Private Football Court
A closed mini football field for football lovers.
Private Squash Court
A squash court to relax and let off steam
Private Party and Karaoke Room
If you love singing but have trouble remembering the words, the karaoke room is just the ticket.
Private Terrace Garden
A terrace garden offering all the joys of both terrace and garden.
Private Open-Air Party Area
An open air space for your private events and get-together.
Private Open-Air Cinema
An open air cinema for those who want to enjoy cinema during the summer months.
Private Roof Garden & Barbecue
A rooftop garden and barbecue area for those who want the joys of grilling in the garden in the heart of the city.
Private City Ski
An artificial ski piste for those who prefer alternative sports.
Private Terrace Jacuzzi
The best way to soak out the cares of the day, a terrace Jacuzzi.
Private Event Room
A private organization room for your meetings and get-together.
Private Chef's Table
A common kitchen space where you can cook and eat together with your friends while a fully-equipped kitchen team handles the clean-up after you
Rent a Vespa
Rent a Vespa for those who don’t want to waste their time in traffic.
An observatory for those who want to watch what’s going on in the heavens.
Pet consultant
A special consultation system for people without the time to walk their pets or who are concerned about where to leave their pets when they travel.